Little Paddington was opened in 1996 by Margaret Higgins, who is a qualified Primary and Secondary school teacher and now has three grown up children.

Set in a converted Federation style home, the Centre has a beautiful landscaped garden with established trees and a circular driveway in the front garden, making it easy to drop off and collect the children.

Little Paddington caters for 60 children from 6 weeks to school age and we open from 7.00am until 6.30pm from Monday to Friday, for 50 weeks a year.

Our focus at Little Paddington is on child development, innovation and a passion for learning.. our qualified and dedicated Educators provide programs for four separate age groups – babies, toddlers, three year olds and 4 year old pre-schoolers.

The safety of your children is paramount. We use keypad security access, safety gates, shaded play areas and well maintained buildings and resources to provide a safe environment for your child.

Our Educators make sustainable practices a part of the daily routine. We have a vegetable garden, a compost bin ,recycling bins in each room and we try to use recyclable materials in our art and craft classes.

We provide formula, milk, sippy cups, hats, nappies and sunscreen, as well as five meals a day – breakfast, morning tea, a hot cooked lunch, afternoon tea and evening snack.

Welcome to the Little Paddington community. We know your child will thrive in our happy and stimulating environment.



Do you have a funded four year old kindergarten program at your centre with a qualified Kindergarten Teacher?

Yes, at Little Paddington we have a funded four year old kindergarten program and we employ a kindergarten teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education. Our Kindergarten programs are the same as council run kindergartens and private schools. The difference is we operate from 7:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday and are open 50 weeks a year and during all school holidays, catering to all family and work situations.

What Government funding is available to assist with the cost of child care and how do I access this?

There are 2 schemes set up by the Government to assist families with the cost of child care. They are Child Care Benefit and the 50% Child Care Rebate. Click on the links below for further information: It is up to families to register for 50% Child Care Rebate and the Child Care Benefit with the Family Assistance Office on 136150. The families will then receive a Customer Reference Number and a Child Reference Number – both of these numbers need to be provided to the centre before any assistance can be applied.

Can we bring a Birthday Cake to celebrate our child’s birthday?

At Little Paddington our cook will make a birthday cake for your child if his/her birthday falls on a day that he/she attends the centre. However you are welcome to supply your own cake, providing it is purchased from a shop and is in its original packaging, which details a list of ingredients. No birthday cakes can contain nuts. You will need to give this to our cooks on arrival to Little Paddington so it can be stored correctly.

What if my child has anaphylaxis, allergies or special dietary requirements?

Our cook caters for all dietary requirements. All educators are trained in First Aid and in anaphylaxis management and the administration of adrenalin auto-injection devices. Little Paddington has a comprehensive Food Safety Policy.